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"You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result.”

1. Chose a child from the database.

2. If you need more information about the educational program, the chosen child or his / her family please contact us using the the contacts written on the webpage.

3. Please fill out the ”distant adoption” form where all the information can be found about the donation in the attachment. Please name the child who you would like to support (code and name), the way of paying and your details and please send back the form to us on e-mail: info@chanceindia.org, or by post: 1065 Hungary, Budapest, Hajós utca 39. III. / 1.

4. As soon as we get back the form we will inform you of the arrival of the form and send back the form that we signed (by post).

5. According to the chosen opportunities on the form please send the first part of the payment to the bank account written on the form. Please do not forget to write down the child’s code (used in the database) to make it easier for the administration. After these steps the tele-adoption” is made and the child can start his / her studies in the school. If it’s necessary, a prep-school course will be organized before his / her studies in the school.

6. The foster-parents” will be informed about the related actions, child’s progress in the school and the accounting of the donations will be easily accessible for every supporters.

7. If you can deduct this sum from your taxes, please let us know, and we will make out a tax receipt for you.


Start of school year and the adoption:

Generally in India the school year starts in the beginning of April (in this case there is a long break in the school year between middle of May and the end of June because of the weather conditions) or the beginning of July. The supported children can start their studies in the beginning of the school year, but most of the time a prep-school course is needed which is provided to the children right after getting the donation. ChanceIndia often re-enrolls students who have already started school, but who because of the poorness of their family had to quit.  The support of such children can be started anytime so that they can resume their studies right after the needed preparation.

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ChanceIndia - Esély Indiának Alapítvány

1065 Budapest, Hajós utca 39. III. / 1