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The  aim of tele-adoption is to help children who live in very poor conditions. The children stay with their parents, but the support of the Hungarian foster-parents” provides them the opportunity to attend school. The educational program will be carried out in corporation with the local relief organizations of Sanjeevani Booti and Lok Samiti.

In India there is no free education in practice. Even in the municipal schools of very low standard, the schools ask money from the parents for different reasons. In the poorest families parents do not have any permanent income or job and every child lives with the same uncertainty as their parents. The parents cannot be sure of being able to the pay school fee for the next year and they don’t even know whether tomorrow they can feed their children. In many Hindu families proper feeding of children is a big problem so that’s why it can happen that the child cannot attend school even if the school fee and every related cost is paid by the ”foster-parents” because the kid has to provide the money for his own food (in a good case it means that he has work for the family’s ”enterprise” but in a worse case they have to work as a day-labourer or they have to beg). In these cases for the school attendance of the children it’s necessary to provide the money for their meal as well. (You can read here about the Hindu educational system and its problems in detail)

The cost of school fee, examination fee, books and the uniform (which is compulsory in India) will be paid by the donations of the sponsors. The donation of education is defined – according to the equal opportunity of the children – in the same amount for every child but the cost of school fee and books is different for different regions, schools,  and classes.   The remaining amount from the donations will be collected in an educational collective account and will be used only for the cost of prep-school (if it’s necessary) and for the school fee of those children who are in the program but stayed without foster-parents.”

Over the educational cost we will ask donation for meals for every adopted child, which will provide the money for the meal for the poor children. From this donation we will provide a rich meal once a school-day (vegetarian main course, rice, fruit) for the poorest children. The amount of the donation covers the cost to supply the ingredients, prepare the food and deliver it to the schools. We will delegate the supplying of the ingredients, preparing the food and the delivery to very poor families who live close to the schools, which means a bit of permanent income for them.

We have to emphasize that the whole amount of the donation will be spent only for the aims written above. We do not spend the donation for covering the operational costs of the educational program or of the organization. These operative costs will be covered by the founders of the organization or other sources will be used for this. We ensure the sponsors can control all expenses within the whole amount of the donated money. All spending will be documented and you can find the documentation here.

Our accounting shows that we don’t give money to the families but to the schools or to our local coordinator, who supplies the needed materials, helps the children register at the school, pays the school fee and keeps a relationship with the family.

With help of the local volunteers we will inform the ”foster-parents” about the ”adopted child’s” progress. In every year teachers give a written description about the kids’ progress. The letters written by children, the school report and the description about the kids’ progress will be given to the ”foster-parents”. Clothes and toys can be sent to the children and there can be personal relationship between the children and the ”foster-parents” with mail, postcards and photos or the kids can be visited at home as well.

”Foster-parent” can be a person, company, institution, association or club. Duration of a child’s donation is minimum 1 year.



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