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This description is about the education system of India until Intermediate level (12th class). There are three kinds of schools:to go to both government and CBSE board schools.


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Municipality schools: are nothing but a waste of time and most of the students at municipality schools come from a very poor family. Nobody who has money would ever send their kids to municipality schools. You have to pay a little amount to go there and get nothing. The kids pass their time by cleaning the school or massaging the teachers or doing the teacher's work like buying betel for them or buying vegetables for teacher's family. They get a meal everyday which is a central government program called midday meal program to promote education amongst poor people. But you often can hear about kids getting sick by eating this midday meal. People say that the materials provided to cook the midday meal goes to municipality workers and teachers and other people related to this program. Kids get really old and worst quality food. Look at this article which talks about how 125 kids got sick after eating mid day meal. 

State Government schools: are a little better than municipality schools. There are some schools run directly by the government and some schools are run by some indvidual who has got his school registered with state government. You also pay a fee to go there and it is not much but it is a lot for many people. Classes are not run properly and school never takes care of the student. If you are not serious and can not run behind your teacher, then you never learn anything and most of the schools are same way. I just don't know of any government school providing good quality education and taking care of kids. Cheating is easily done in the exam. Schools run by the government are in really terrible condition. If you don't have time or if you are not smart enough to pass an exam, then you can send somebody else to take exam for you.  You can also buy a degree, this happens as well.

CBSE board schools: Most of the schools affiliated with CBSE are good. Classes are run properly, teachers are good, and they take care of you but these schools are very expensive. A few schools charge something like Rs. 75,000 ($1500) per year. Delhi Public School, Sunbeam English School and The Aryan International School are the most famous English schools in Varanasi but they are very expensive and not everyone can go there. If you are sending your kid to these schools then you must be prepared for at least Rs. 50,000-75,000 ($1,000-1500) per year. There are a few cheaper CBSE schools and their fee is similar to state government, and they are good also but it is really hard get admission . There are two such schools in Varanasi (Kendriya Vidyalay and CHS) for boys and girls seperately. Kendriya Vidyalay is run by a government institutional organization called Kendriya Vidyalay Sangthan and CHS is run by Benares Hindu University.

Schools in Villages: Most of the schools in villages are in terrible condition, specially government schools. Government schools in villages are crap, so you never learn anything. Students massage the feet of their teacher and get a certificate. There are a few schools having CBSE board syllbus but they are also not as good as CBSE board schools in cities. You have to pay to go to both government and CBSE board schools.


Municipality (Run by municipality of respective city, provide education only upto primary level which is upto 5th class.)


Government school (Schools having syllabus of respective state government.)


Private schools or CBSE board scools (Schools having syllabus of central government (NCERT)