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ChanceIndia is a non-profit organisation which starts educational and community development programs and helps people to find a job in association with local NGOs and volunteers. We give organizational and developmental help and with this knowledge the communities and inhabitants of a village can reach their goals personally and from the point of view as a community as well.

According to our main philosophy we spend the whole amount of the donations only for the original aims of the support. We do not spend the donation for covering the operational costs of the organization or the travel costs. We ensure the sponsors that they can control all expenses in the whole amount of the donated money, and that all spending will be documented and one can check these under the ’Fiancial reports’ menu on the right side.

A lot of people ask us: why India? Because perhaps here can be found the most and deepest poverty.  A hundred million people live without anything, with many of them on the streets and without help they do not have any chance to change their situations.




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"You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result.”

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